Americana Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

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This unique Bicycle deck has an all-new custom design. The Ace of Spades adorns the front of the box, and the spot cards are fully customized with a beautiful blue and red color scheme. The court cards are modified versions of classic Bicycle court cards, now modeled after the kinds of people you might find in the old west - gunslingers, sheriffs, saloon keepers, etc. This deck is perfect for themed poker nights or magic acts. Built-in effects with custom jokers and gaffed cards: The Americana deck even includes some special gaffed cards for magic purposes. There is an Ace of Hearts that seems to have been shot right in the center, and a 4 of Spades with some í¢ä‰å?ìbloodí¢ä‰å?? spattering and a fingerprint. One of the Jokers has a convenient reveal built into the design. NOTE: The gimmicked Ace and Four may be used for the Ad Card Advantage program.