$ 29.95 

Camouflage features a diabolical, secret gimmick that allows you to perform impossible penetrations, revelations, fusions, and even a levitation.ξ

The secret gimmick also works with ANY brand of playing cards in the world.ξ

Some of the tricks taught are:ξ

APERTURE -ξA pencil is slowly pushed through the pack. A moment later, the deck is completely undamaged and can be handed out to be examined. NO DECK SWITCH IS INVOLVED.ξ

51GONE -ξThe pack of cards visually disappears from inside the card case, leaving only the selected card. And yes, the card case can be examined! A perfect closing effect.ξ

COLLAPSIBLE -ξTwo halves of a deck of cards visually FUSE together into one solid pack. The pack can be immediately handed out for examination. A perfect opening effect.ξ

Comes complete with the very special gimmick + a full-length instructional DVD!